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Humana Plan and Issuer Price Transparency

Audubon Area Community Services Board of Directors and staff are saddened by devastation brought by the tornadoes that have impacted western Kentucky. If you wish to join Audubon Area Community Services in responding to this tragedy please consider a donation that allows us to work with individuals and families to rebuild and recover. Thank you.


Audubon Area Communit Services Weatherization Department is looking for a certified PLUMBER

Audubon Area Communit Services Weatherization Department is looking for a certified PLUMBER to service seven counties in Kentucky. The counties included are Daviess, Hancock, Henderson, McLean, Ohio, Union and Webster.

A Weatherization Contractor Application (WX10) and the Non-Financial Agreement (WX12) must be completed by the contractor and returned to the service provider. The WX10 is to be closely reviewed and all information verified in writing by the service provider using the Contractors Work Reference (WX11).
Certificates of Insurance for General Liability and Comprehensive Coverage for general contractors performing work must meet the minimum coverage requirements in the amount of $800,000 or greater if annual contractual requirements change.
Plumbing contractors must have minimum Certificates of Insurance for General Liability in the amount of $250,000 or greater if annual contractual requirements change.
Proof of compliance with workers compensation and unemployment insurance laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky Contractors must have EPA certified RRP firm status as applicable.
Contractors must have proof of all required training listed in the state plan.
Contractors must have proof of non-debarment.

Training and Certification Requirements for Sub-Contractors (HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing and General Weatherization)
Contractors performing general weatherization work (and their employees) must attend comprehensive training for their job duties, i.e. installer staff must attend Retrofit Installer Technician training, crew leaders must attend Crew Leader training, etc.

Training Required

* Reimbursement for certain training is an option for contractors. Kentucky Housing Corporation decides if training can be reimbursed.

Technicians (Service Provider Staff or Sub-Contractors):
All technicians are required to be licensed in their respective discipline (HVAC, Electrical, etc.) Technicians shall maintain their professional licenses in accordance with KRS 227A.010-150 for electric, KRS 198B.650-689 for HVAC, and meet all requirements regarding fees and continuing education.

John Maske Weatherization Manager 1416 West 9th Street
Owensboro, Kentucky 4230

Enrollment period for LIHEAP Spring Subsidy Cooling Component

Audubon Area Community Services is offering an enrollment period for LIHEAP Spring Subsidy Cooling Component to run from May 2 through June 17, 2022. The program is designed to help offset the cost of a household's electric bills.

Applications will be accepted during the enrollment period, or until designated funds are depleted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Income eligibility for the program is up to and including 150% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Benefits are paid directly to the electric vendor. Individuals should acquire and submit an application through their local Community Action Agency office.

The Spring Subsidy Cooling Component provides households one-time benefit ranging from $50 to $200 depending on income levels and housing category.

All applicants will be required to supply the following documentation at the time of application:

Community Action Kentucky administers LIHEAP in partnership with the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services who receive the funding as a pass-through block grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

For more information or to apply, please visit your local Audubon Area Community Services office in each county or you may call:

Daviess: 270-686-1662
Hancock: 270-927-6500
Henderson: 270-826-6071
McLean: 270-273-3355
Ohio: 270-775-6145
Union: 270-389-3742
Webster: 270-639-5635

About Audubon Area Community Services

Our agency's goal is to seek out, identify and work toward mitigating causes of poverty within the community; to make the community more responsive to the needs and interests of the low-income by mobilizing available resources and instilling a greater institutional sense, and to develop a system of priorities among projects as needed for the most effective and efficient use of resources for services to low-income people.

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Audubon Area Community Services office may be reached in each of the Green River Counties using the telephone numbers noted below:

Central Office – (270) 686-1600
Daviess County – (270) 686-1662
Hancock County – (270) 927-6500
Henderson County – (270) 826-6071

McLean County – (270) 273-3355
Ohio County – (270) 775-6145
Union County – (270) 389-3742
Webster County – (270) 639-5635

Specific Programs can be reached at:

GRITS Transportation – (270) 686-1651
Employment Services – (270) 686-1633
Housing Services – (270) 686-1624
Head Start/Early Head Start Programs – (270) 686-1649
Senior Corps Programs – (270) 683-1527

The Audubon Area Community Care Clinic located at 750 Salem Drive, Suite 2, and our new location at 1620 Frederica Street, Owensboro, Kentucky, are open at this time. To schedule an appointment please contact us at: (270) 686-6040.

kynect benefits

If you need assistance with health insurance our kynectors can help.
Please contact the kynector in your county listed below.

Daviess County:
Graham Temple – (270) 903-2430
Jennifer Higdon - (270) 499-3765

Hancock/Ohio Counties:
Erika Hatfield – (270) 454-4249

Henderson County:
Heather Stevens – (270) 702-7033

McLean/Webster Counties:
Elizabeth Reeves – (270) 499-4073

Union County:
Stephanie Bruce – (270) 903-6269

kynect Manager:
Kristi Nicolas – (270) 844-9624